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December 2014

Take time to enjoy the holiday season

Merry Christmas !!!

It's December 22nd, and like many of you, I've been busy baking, decorating and celebrating the spirit of the season with friends and colleagues. I've also been overindulging in the eggnog a bit which sends me out to the cross country ski trails regardless of the conditions! All that to say, I apologize for the late post! 

This month I'm keeping it short...really! I'd like to mention a few things happening in the city for those of you looking to spend a little time outside and other than that, I simply want to send my best wishes to all of you for a healthy, happy holiday season.

Christmas Fireworks happen almost every Saturday in December at the Bonsecours Basin (8:00)
One of the best places to see them is on the skating rink. So pull out your warmest mittens, grab your best friend or loved one, tie up your skates and get ready for a wonderfully whimsical winter night!

If you're more of a stumbler than a skater, you might want to take a walk down Ave du Mont-Royal and check out the comic book light boxes attached to the lamp posts! Each light box depicts the struggles and joys of winter in Montreal while adding a fun and colourful interest to the street!

If you're still rushing around picking up last minute items, look around at the statues. Someone has been putting red noses on Montreal's public art, making them all look a bit like Rudolf! Is it simply a mischievous citizen, or is it Nez Rouge reminding us that they are there to help us if we've had a drink or two and need to get home? really quick recipe: Super easy, healthy, light and very pretty! If you've been invited to a last minute pot luck, or receive unexpected visitors, this can be put together in a snap!

1 fresh pineapple
1 - 2 packs fresh blackberries (or strawberries)
  • Chop pineapple into approximately 1 inch chunks
  • Skewer onto party toothpicks
  • Top each toothpick with a blackberry or strawberry
  • arrange in a circle on your platter.
  • Enjoy!!

Merry Christmas! Have a healthy happy Holiday!


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