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April 2014

Fibre rich smoothie

Welcome back!

If you read my blog last month, you now know that March is nutrition month, and every year myself and the rest of the dietitians at St Mary's hospital plan a special event to celebrate and promote healthy nutrition. This year we made smoothies! Pina Colada, strawberry peach, Banana peanut-butter, high protein and green smoothies! It was such a hit we had patients and staff lined up as far as the eye could see! That was usually because the line turned a corner but still, my point is...people LOVE smoothies! They're fast, nutritious and delicious!!!

So, today I thought I'd post a High Fiber smoothie recipe. This apple, carrot and cucumber recipe is rich in soluble fiber, the type of fibre that helps lower LDL cholesterol, triglycerides and glucose levels. However, it has to be made in a blender..NOT a juicer! Juicing removes all the fiber so you don't get the same benefit.

High Fibre smoothie
1 carrot
1 apple 
1/2 cucumber
Water (to desired thickness)

Peel the carrot and cucumber, peel and core the apple and place them in a blender, add water, blend until smooth and voila! One delicious, nutritious, high fiber smoothie.
1 smoothie Approx 90 kcals.
Recipe from PasseportSante.

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