Sandra M. Grant P.Dt. - Registered Clinical Nutritionist
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Healthy and wholesome can also be delicious! I embrace this philosophy and incorporate science-based principles to deliver up-to-date information and advice to my clients.   

As a graduate of the Faculty of Dietetics and Human Nutrition at McGill University where I majored in Human Nutrition and minored in Social Studies of Medicine, I run a private practice in Montreal where I provide individual and group counselling as well as interactive nutrition seminars. My specialties include sports nutrition, cardiology, digestive disorders, women's health and weight management. I am also a member of the cancer care team at St. Mary's hospital in Montreal.  

For the past 20 years I've worked to help people improve their lives through nutrition and lifestyle changes designed to energize, rejuvenate and help develop positive attitudes.  I have a passion for good food, the outdoors and life in general which often propagates to my clients.

Take a look around the website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact me!

Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Friday : 8:00 - 18:30
Phone: 514.634.5080

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